Accurate information showing the value of the property is a constant requirement for property owners. The purpose for which a property valuation is required is important as the value of property is not necessarily the same for all purposes. Our valuations are carried out to conform to the Appraisal and Valuation Manuals published by the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK), Valuation and Estate Management Chapter and the International Valuation Standards (IVS). Our Guidance Notes are attached to all property valuation reports for your information as part of the appendix.

Ark Consultants Limited is able to provide independent valuations of all types of assets for all purposes and business needs. These include valuations of land and buildings, furniture, fittings, any type of equipment, plant & machinery and motor vehicles.

We carry out property valuations for all types of properties for various purposes such as:-

      • Bank/Mortgage/Loan
      • Disposal/Sale
      • Purchase
      • Insurance
      • Owner-Occupier house allowance
      • Rental assessments/valuations
      • Book/Audit/Balance Sheet
      • Local Taxation (Rating Assessment) with regard to assessing the Unimproved Site Values for rates calculation.
      • Merger and Acquisitions

Our combined experience of over sixty years has allowed us to have the unrivalled expertise required to carry out any kind of valuations. We are also committed to continued learning and our valuations are carried out to the highest possible standards. Continuous mentoring and training of our staff has also ensured that we have a work force that is committed to high standards of integrity.

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