Real Estate Investment/Development Advice

Prudence in investment in property requires that the decision to invest be preceded by sound and objective investment advice. As such, at Ark Consultants, we are able to carry out property feasibility and market studies.

The main focus is to determine whether the real estate project is economically sustainable. We therefore seek to assess whether a development is physically possible, legal permissibility, market feasible and financially viable.

  • Market FeasibilityMarket feasibility assesses demand, supply, a potential return, and absorption and capture expected income.
  • Financial FeasibilityFinancial viability of a real estate project is evaluated using five main tools. These tools include Rental Yield, Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Profitability Index (PI) and Pay Back Period.
  • Physically PossibleThis relates to the size, shape, area, terrain, and accessibility of the land, size, frontage, topography, location view and availability of utilities.
  • Legally PermissibleThe project must conform to zoning, building codes, environmental regulations, etc

We also carry out a Swot analysis of the project and identify the associated risks and their mitigation.

Project Management

Real estate project management is a complex undertaking requiring coordination of different professions. We have the capability to manage projects and generate revenue for our clients. We seek to deliver projects on time and within budget.

We are able to:-

  • Advice on real estate development projects to be undertaken by conducting a feasibility study
  • Identify and assist in acquiring a suitable site.
  • Assist in identifying suitable consultants for the project and manage the consultants.
  • Undertake project risk evaluation and management.

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